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New memebers, new members

Yes, I've been slacking so bad lately but I've finally gotten around to adding new people.

So yes, please welcome the new members...

Chris Osgood (FINALLY!)
Kris Draper (Again, finally! You evil AIM lurkers!)
Joey Kocur
Trevor Linden
Pavel Bure
Shawn Horcoff
Niklas Sundstrom

So welcome guys, sorry it took me sooo long to update and add you guys.

[OOC- Also, since there are many of us who know each other, we tend to discuss storylines outside of the journals. So therefore we made a community for the handlers, actors, muns behind the athletes. So if you have a regular normal journal and want to know what's going on, then lemme know and I'll add you to the community, also known as asthepuckdrops. That is all.]
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