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the_penalty_box's Journal

Hockey Players Unite
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You have reached a community where all of us hockey players can unite and talk. Its a place where we can keep track of each other and have fun. I really want all of us to get to know each other, so when you post, make sure you give your AIM screen name if you have one. Chatting is fun! Especially when Brett Hull is drunk!

And if you aren't a hockey player and really want to join, let me know. I'll get you in. Just as long as you are nice.

This community is maintained by good ole Steve Yzerman. You can reach him here, stevie_y. And I suppose that Chris Chelios can help me out as well. Contact him at c_chelios24.

[We aren't really these athletes. Its really all a game. Please read the disclaimer for more info. Thanks! Also the reason for the closed community is to avoid random people from joining and making nasty posts about what we are doing, so therefore anonymous comments are banned as well. If you want to be added, just contact me or leave a comment in the journal. Add this to you friends list as well.]